On enquiring // J Krishnamurti

On enquiring // J Krishnamurti

“Can you understand anything if you have already made up your mind about it, or if you repeat the conclusions of another? To find the truth of this matter, must we not come to it afresh, with a mind that is not clouded by prejudice? Which is more important, to be free from conclusions, prejudices, or to speculate about some abstraction? Is it not more important to find out the truth than to squabble about what truth is? An opinion as to what truth is, is not truth….

You want to know the truth of what you have read and of what your teachers have said, do you not?….

Then you must be able to find out for yourself, what is true in all these statements. Your mind must be capable of direct perception; if it is not, it will be lost in the jungle of ideas, opinions and beliefs. If your mind has not the capacity to see what is true, you will be like a driven leaf. So what is important is not the conclusions and assertions of others, whoever they may be, but for you to have insight into what is true. Is this not the most essential?”

J Krishnamurti¬†(“Commentaries on Living”, Second Series)


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