On our Brains when we are children // David Eagleman

On our Brains when we are children // David Eagleman

“At birth, a baby’s neurons are disparate and unconnected, and in the first two years of life they begin connecting up extremely rapidly as they take in sensory information. As many as two million new connections, or synapses, are formed every second in an infant’s brain. By age two, a child has over one hundred trillion synapses, double the number an adult has….

The human brain’s ability to shape itself to the world into which it’s born has allowed our species to take over every ecosystem on the planet and begin our move into the solar ecosystem….

In a sense, the process of becoming who you are is defined by carving back the possibilities that were already present. You become who you are not because of what grows in your brain, but because of what is removed.

Throughout our childhoods, our local environments refine our brain, taking the jungle of possibilities and shaping to back to correspond to what we’re exposed to.”

— David Eagleman (“The Brain — The Story of You”)

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