The Buddha on Love// Juan Mascaro

The Buddha on Love// Juan Mascaro

“This is how the Buddha speaks of love in the Majjhima Nikaya:

Buddha spoke thus once to his disciples: The words of men to you can be of five kinds: at the right time or at the wrong time, true or false, gentler or bitter, profitable or unprofitable, kindly or resentful.

If men speak evil of you, this must you think: ‘Our heart shall not waver: and we will abide in compassion, in loving kindness, without resentment. We will think of the man who speaks ill of us with thoughts of love, and in our thoughts of love shall we dwell. And from that abode of love we will fill the whole world with far-reaching, wide-spreading, boundless love.'”

— Juan Mascaro (introduction to his translation & interpretation of “Dhammapada”)

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