The message of Buddha // Juan Mascaro

By | 1st January 2018

“Buddha avoided metaphysical questions. He might have answered them in the words of Jesus: ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.’….

It is said that once a man of arms undertook a long journey to see a holy follower of Buddha, and asked if the message of Buddha could be taught to him. The answer was: ‘Do not what is evil. Do what is good. Keep your mind pure. This is the teaching of Buddha.’ ‘Is this all?’, said the man of arms; ‘Every child of five knows this.’ ‘It may be so, but few men of eighty can practise it’, he was told.’”

— Juan Mascaro (introduction to his translation & interpretation of “The Dhammapada”)

2 thoughts on “The message of Buddha // Juan Mascaro

    1. yoda Post author

      Thank you, gruff, for reading this and asking the question 🙂

      Is learning to play the piano easy? 🙂 i think it is less a matter of being “easy / hard” and more about whether we do what is needed to tame the rowdy mind.

      Matthieu Ricard writes (in “Happiness”): “We willingly spend a dozen years in school, then go on to college or professional training for several more; we work out at the gym to stay healthy; we spend a lot ofttimes enhancing our comfort, our wealth, and our social status. We put a great deal into all this, and yet we do so little to improve the inner condition that determines the very quality of our lives.”


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