“What is it that we call love?” // J Krishnamurti

By | 15th June 2018

“What is it that we call love? It is this whole field of jealousy, of lust, of harsh words, of caress, of holding hands, of quarrelling and making up. These are the facts in this field of so-called love…..Where jealousy is, obviously love is not; and yet with most people jealousy is taken as an indication of love….The difficulty is that we do not love; and if we do love we want it to function in a particular way, we do not give it freedom….Love is not to be compared and hedged about….possession, the assertion of ownership….denies love, does it not?….We do not love and let it alone, but crave to be loved; we give in order to received, which is the generosity of the mind and not of the heart.”

J Krishnamurti¬†(“Commentaries on Living”, First Series)


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