“Why do you shiver because of last year’s snow storm?” // Swami Sarvagatananda

By | 2nd May 2018

“Why do you shiver because of last year’s snow storm? Last year you were driving on the highway, there as a big snowstorm and the car was covered with snow, you couldn’t get out, you were locked in, shivering. That was last year, now you remember it and you shiver now — why do you shiver about last year’s snow storm? Memory is like that….something happened, don’t bring it back now. Bury all the negative things that have happened to you. They are over. If you carry…negative impressions from the past, you cannot move an inch, you have to cry the whole twenty-four hours….you should never dig the old graves, leave them alone. Don’t look back, move forward….You can’t help it, things happen in life. It is not who is at fault; but how can you live now in spite of that….”

— Swami Sarvagatananda (“Meditation as Spiritual Culmination — Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali”)

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