About me

curatedreadings is me gazing with wonder and enquiring — into ideas and realities in our lives.

my learnings are from

  • being a senior Executive in a large IT Services company, a Technology entrepreneur, and an Academic

  • creating initiatives that work on education for the needy and gender-inequity

  • education in India, the USA, and Australia

  • seeing learning as one of the most joyous gifts of Life

my name is krishnan :)

My Credo

  • Be humble but be confident of what you are and what you know

  • Be accommodative but be firm on values

  • Live with the force of facts but know that feelings are also facts

  • Be goal-focussed but pay attention to the journey

  • Question and criticise but be kind and helpful

  • Strive to understand before seeking to be understood

  • At all times

    • be courteous

    • “we” not “I”

    • listen

    • learn

    • practice before preaching